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New Photo Gallery Layout

As it’s been over a year since we opened and we have yet to change the theme on the photo gallery I figured it was time for a change. So a brand new theme is up on the gallery, this time a light themed look! Feel free to leave feedback on the theme as it’s always appreciated.

“Don’t Let Go” Production Stills

Phoebe was in the Miles Fisher music video Don’t Let Go, while screen captures have been up for a while, I have just added over 20 HQ stills from the music video shoot!

Gallery Link
– Sultry Phoebe Online > Music Videos > Don’t Let Go – Stills (Miles Fisher)

“Warm Bodies” Los Angeles Premiere Photos

Phoebe attended the Los Angeles premiere of Warm Bodies last night. HQ and MQ photos from the event are now up.

Gallery Link
– Sultry Phoebe Online > Events & Public Appearances > 2013 > “Warm Bodies” Los Angeles Premiere (January 29th)

Events Update

I’ve uploaded Phoebe’s last couple of 2012 events to the gallery.

Gallery Link:
– Sultry Phoebe Online > Events & Public Appearances > 2012

‘The Vampire Diaries’ Screen Captures

I’ve added the remaining captures of Phoebe’s The Vampire Diaries episodes to the gallery. I am loving what she is bringing to the show and apparently the producers do as well because as previously announced Phoebe is attached to the backdoor pilot spinoff for TVD titled The Originals! So if everything works out Phoebe will be starring in said spinoff with Joseph Morgan (Klaus).

Gallery Link:
– Sultry Phoebe Online > Television Productions > The Vampire Diaries > Season Four > Screen Captures

Phoebe joins the CW’s ‘Vampire Diaries’ Spinoff!

Deadline reported last week about a possible backdoor pilot for The Vampire Diaries spinoff starring Phoebe and Joseph Morgan (klaus), titled The Originals.

The CW is piloting The Originals, a potential spinoff of the network’s flagship series The Vampire Diaries, in consideration for next season. The project, from Vampire Diaries co-creator/executive producer Julie Plec, will be introduced as an upcoming episode of Vampire Diaries that will air April 25, serving as a potential backdoor pilot. It stars popular Vampire Diaries cast member Joseph Morgan and the series’ recent addition Phoebe Tonkin.

To read more click here.